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Super Stylish Couple: Juliette Labelle and Miles Garber

Meet one of the most super stylish couples we know: model/actress Juliette Labelle and Miles Garber, frontman of Swimsuit Issue and male model. We spoke to the LA native couple about their influences, how LA has changed, and how they both got into what they're doing. 

Name: Juliette Labelle and Miles Garber

Occupation: We are slashies

Location: We just moved to Beachwood canyon like all the other slashies out there


How would you describe your style?

“Hey babe, does this look good?” 


Who are some of your biggest style influences?

J: Princess Diana when she’s out for a run. 

M: Tom Waits. 

What are some of your most prized pieces in your closet?

M:  My 1940s Pendleton jacket. 

J: Although I don’t think I’ve worn it outside of Paris, it’s probably the mink coat my grandfather gave my grandmother as a wedding gift. 


What are a few of your favorite places around LA?

J + M: Pace, the Silverlake reservoir, and anywhere that has good lighting. 

Miles, you've been modeling for a super long time... How did you get into it? 

M: I was found on Fairfax ave when I was 15. Stay in school.

J: And I was discovered by Miles. 


Juliette, do you have any new projects coming out? 

J: I did a movie last fall that should be coming out soon called "Nighthawks", written and directed by Grant S. Johnson. And I’m about to start filming an indie called "Now is Everything” written and directed by Riccardo Spinotti and Valentina de Amicis. 

You guys are both from Los Angeles. What do you feel like has changed? 

J+M: Traffic and gentrification. 


What's on the schedule this summer? 

J: Europe to see my grandparents and then onward. 


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