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Super Stylish FRENCH Girl: Eleonore Toulin

Leo Toulin Eve Denim White Culottemeet eleonore (leo for short), a super stylish girl from paris. model to jacquemus and other great parisian brands, leo came by the store to sit down and chat with us about the secrets of french style and what it takes to have that "je-ne-sais-quoi ... " and believe it or not, it has little to do with the clothes.

name: eleonore (leo) toulin
occupation: model / photographer
your city: paris, france

Who/what are some of your biggest style influences?
I would say generally women on the street. I can spend hours in a cafe and watch women walk on the street... My girlfriends: they live in New York or Paris, they all have different style that are very inspiring to me. Also french women back in the 70's like Françoise Hardy or Catherine Deneuve and Jane Birkin (I know-so cliché! ) even if she is not french.

Leo Toulin Eve Denim Vance What do you think is the key to french style?
I would say to keep it simple and classic, like wear a good pair of jeans with loafers (or ballerinas) and a nice designer
coat/sweater/shirt. Less is more!!

What is one piece of clothing you are always on the lookout for?
The perfect pair of jeans, I think I have like 50 of those ... never satisfied!!

                                                    Leo Toulin

What are some of your favorite places to 90 in Paris?

I spend hours with my friends drinking wine at this small and very simple bar in the Marais called Le Saint Gervais. I love going to the Jardins des Tuileries, sit on a chair by the Seine, read a book or watch people walking.

Leo Toulin Pari Desai
 What are the cities you like to visit the  most?

 All cities in Italy - everything is just so  beautiful there! No need to travel to the  end of the world.

 What is the one thing you don't mind  splurging on?
 Drinking wine. (lol)

Leo Toulin Pari Desai

What items in your closet are the most special to you?

My Chanel ballerina's that my boyfriend bought me. And an old Norwegian sweater that used to belong to my grandmother.



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