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Super Stylish Girl: Devon Carlson

Meet Devon Carlson - super stylish girl, cellphone case mogul, and amazing dog mommy. We sat down with her and talked personal style, shopping, and how she started her own company at 17 years old. 

 Name: Devon Lee Carlson
Occupation: Co Founder of Wildflower Cases
Your city: Los Angeles, CA
 How would you describe your style? 
Comfy & cute lol
Who/what are some of your biggest style influences?
90s super models!! 100% my biggest inspo
What is one thing you don’t mind splurging on?
Shoes!! You're on your feet all day so you need nice shoes ;)
What are the things that are most special to you in your closet?
 Special vintage pieces and my hand bags.
 What do you think is unique about your style?
 I like to mix unexpected pieces together and I really try to show my personality through my outfits. :)
 What are some of your favorite places around the city?
 Trois Familia, Alfred coffee, my apartment, and El Coyote! :) 
How did your cellphone case company start?
Completely by accident! My mom was making my sister and I studded phone cases about 5 years ago and one night I ended up meeting Miley Cyrus (my idol) and while taking a photo with her she noticed my phone case and asked where I got it. i told her my mom made it for me and she asked if we had a company, which we didn't, and she told us we had to start one! My dad stayed up all night and made a website and Miley tweeted a photo of our phonecases & tagged me in her tweet. I was getting so many question asking where they could buy the cases and i just started replying with ""!
What are some of your favorite stores in LA?
Shop Super Street duh ;) I also LOOOVE Squaresville Vintage and Varsity Vintage. 

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