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Super Stylish Girl: Emily Labowe

Meet Emily Labowe! We love this Los Angeles native's style. We love how she mixes her tomboy style with feminine pieces. We sat down with Emily to discuss her style in detail. 

Name: Emily Labowe 
Job: Model / Actress/ owner of Poppy Undies
City: Los Angeles
Instagram: @emlabowe 

How did you get into modeling? 
I had always modeled here and there growing up in LA, but not professionally. Once I finished school, I  started working in film; around this time I decided to give modeling a more serious try. I’ve been modeling full-time for 3 years or so. 

Describe your style/dressing sensibility:
Comfort most importantly, but my style is pretty tomboyish. I love dickies or  Levi’s with a good basic tee and converse. I also  love a high waisted sailor pant like Jesse kamms with a pair of boots and a warm sweater. I live for a great tailored suit when dressing up. 
Who are some of your current style inspirations?
I love Zimmerman’s new collection. In terms of icons, Patti Smith, Brooke Shields circa CK ad, Monica Bellucci, Diane Keaton. 

I was really excited to see you play the drums… How did you pick that hobby up? 
My ex is an amazing drummer and he taught how to play a few years ago! Now I have a kit at my house so i can practice and mess around. 

Favorite Restaurant, hang out, and bar in Silverlake? 

Cafe Stella for the margaritas, Mh Zh for dinner, and the park at the Silver Lake reservoir for a hang. 

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