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Super Stylish Girl: Kate Bowman

Name: Kate Bowman
Profession: Model / Student
Instagram: @kate_nyc

meet kate – new york model and student with an eye for French-new wave style and a good basket bag. she came by the store and we talked about personal style and her must-haves.

 Kate Bowman Apiece Apart
How would you describe your style and how you shop for pieces:
My style is very laid back. I try to perfect the “schoolgirl running late for class” look. I am the constant search for the perfect pair of mule sandals and cropped pants.
Where do you get style inspiration from:
Scrolling through Instagram provides an easy dose of inspiration. I see a lot of cool girls on the streets of NYC who always remind me to step up my game and show me new ways to tie ribbons around my neck and in my hair. I love seeing old movies at Sunshine and IFC and seeing how stars of the past dressed – Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby and Adrienne Larussa in Psychout for Murder.
 Kate Bowman simon miller mnz vance
Any style icons of yours:
Jane Birkin really nailed jeans, a white crop top, and a basket bag. Maryam Nassir Zadeh has the perfect wardrobe – she is so ethereal yet put together. Mia Goth is so good at wearing low top Dr. Martens and dirty t-shirts.
What is something you always have on you:  
I always need to have a tube of aquaphor! My lips get so dry throughout the day – Aquaphor is great because it really hydrates, but also acts as the perfect lip gloss.
What’s your go-to look on a lazy day:
Low ponytail, neck scarf and Nike slides.
Kate Bowman
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