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Super Stylish Girl: Palomija

meet paloma - los angeles native, new york resident, and veryyyyy stylish girl. we met up with paloma on a frigid nyc morning and shot her in her favorite pieces from her wardrobe mixed in with her selects from the store. paloma is the queen of mixing in staple mens pieces with girly and feminine pieces. we broke down hoarding, old man style, and more...

name: paloma elesser
occupation: model
instagram: @palomija
your city: nyc 

Who/what are some of your biggest style influences?
The past... old men... music
When did you start modeling and how did you get your start? 
I started modeling 2.5 years ago - I got my start on instagram, honestly.
What is the one thing you don't mind splurging on?
Bags, beauty products, sheets.
What are the things that ore most special to you in your closet?
Everything. I have an attachment to so many things in my closet. Sometimes,
I'll hold onto something simply because it reminds me of the feeling I felt in that t-shirt on the night I wore it. HOARDER!!!
Palomija mnz sophie slide
What is unique about your style?
I guess I don't listen to what "I'm supposed to be wearing" for my body type. I kind of just wear what it is I exactly like to wear.
Palomija mnz helena jacket
What are some of your favorite places around the city?
Lovely Day, a little garden on 6th st, my home, Abraco, Sophie's ...
What influences your style more - NY or LA?
Palomija rochas
What items in your closet are the most special to you?
My Chanel ballerina's that my boyfriend bought me. And an old Norwegian sweater that used to belong to my grandmother. 
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