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Super Stylish Girl: Tylynn Nguyen

 Name: My name is TyLynn Nguyen (pronounced WIN)

Occupation/City: I am a lingerie designer, model, and mother of 3. I live in Los Angeles CA. 

Instagram: @tylynnnguyen

How did you get into fashion?

I started modeling at the age of 17 and went to college for fashion design. 

 Describe your style/dressing sensibility:

I would say my style has a regal sensuality of paired down looks that let my natural stature shine through. 

Who are some of your current style inspirations?

My forever inspiration is Sade // Georgia O’Keefe // Carolyn Bassett 

You're a very stylish mother of three… how has your style changed after becoming a mom?  

I’ve just become better all around since becoming a mother. 

What was the inspiration to launch your own lingerie collection? 

My inspiration was the desire to wear lingerie for myself first and foremost. I found lingerie to be designed for the male perspective. My lingerie is designed with the woman in mind first but still very sexy you would want to wear to arouse your partner. 

Favorite places around LA… 

Getty museum, Nuetra home, my home lol 

Shop Tylynn's looks HERE.

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